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Come to the Broadway Technology talk on 9/20 led by Waterloo alum Neil Thier to learn about the complex technology problems we solve and the impact we’re having on the global financial industry. Join us afterwards at The Front Row!!!


We’re hiring top Computer Science and Mathematics graduates and co-op students to join our team in NYC or Austin, TX. We look forward to meeting you.


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Tech Talk: Not Your Grandma’s Real-Time Distributed Trading Systems

Picture thousands of mission critical low-latency applications running on thousands of machines dotting the globe, each component independently developed and ever evolving, yet all interoperating as a single cohesive system as fast as the laws of physics allow. This is our world.  These are the problems we solve.

The Tech Talk will be presented by Waterloo grad Neil Thier, BMath ’02 Computer Science.


About Broadway

Broadway Technology is a leader in high-performance financial trading solutions and consulting services for top-tier global banks and hedge funds. We solve the hardest problems our customers face, and our team is greater than the sum of its parts. We’ve built our team through highly selective recruitment at Cornell, MIT, Stanford and Waterloo. We’re on campus looking for the brightest minds to join us and help push the technological envelope.


Broadway has recently been featured on CNBC, the Financial Times, TABB Forum, and The Wall Street Journal.

CNBC: http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000107215&play=1

Financial Times: http://video.ft.com/v/1723068029001/Moving-swaps-trading-to-screens

TABB Forum: http://broadwaytechnology.com/press20120806TabbGroup


On Campus Schedule

· Tech Talk                                     

   Thursday, September 20th

   South Campus Hall, Festival Room

   Pizza will be provided


· Post Tech Talk Event                                

   Thursday, September 20th

   The Front Row


· Full-Time Interviews                                     

   Monday, September 24th 


   Thursday, October 4th


·  Co-op Interviews                                     

    Wednesday, October 10th


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Marketing Associate