Hi CS club members, 

We are looking forward to an exciting Fall semester! 

Are you looking for experiences working in a graduate student environment? Waterloo Public Transportation Initiative is now seeking students to help with our research! Our research team is now working on a research project where we are using smartphones to observe participants' travel behavior. We are now looking for an Android app developer as a research assistant.  


To learn more about our research and this opportunity: https://uwaterloo.ca/waterloo-public-transportation-initiative/research-0/passive-data-collection-and-its-application-tour-based 

To apply, please send your resume to xiaomeng.xu@uwaterloo.ca


Please share this message or if you are not the correct person, let me know who we should contact or how to share so that it can be circulated to students in a timely manner.  



Xiaomeng Xu

School of Planning 

EV1-119  University of Waterloo