(Location: New York City)


NYC-based 2 person team (one is a Waterloo Math grad) from Wall Street and the banking industry looking for a great full stack developer to help solve a problem that plagues our clients. We’re building a minimum viable product (MVP) for a financial technology concept that will provide a scalable solution for our client base.

We’re looking for 2 things:


1. An experienced developer that can implement and finish projects ​on time.

2. A developer who can strip away features in the app’s core to get the first iteration up and working in 3 to 4 weeks.


We have no strict requirements regarding tech choices other than that your stack should be well established: Rails, Django, MEAN etc. We prefer deployment on Heroku, digital ocean or Amazon.


The project is straightforward but solves a very large problem affecting millions of people with suboptimal investments. It’s an opportunity for a talented developer to really raise the bar and put their passion into a project that has deep meaning and value.

We are based at WeWork, one of the best technology and startup hubs in New York City and the world (https://www.wework.com/locations/new-york-city/nomad).