Can you please send this out to your members for our upcoming Tech Talk on May 7th? We will also be hosting an Info Session on May 7th during lunch if any of your members are interested in attending that as well. It will cover an entirely different topic than the Tech Talk and be a great source for general information about the company.







Palantir Technologies Tech Talk

Monday, May 7th

6:00pm – 7:30pm

Davis Centre 1302

Join us for dinner and drinks after the talk at McGinnis FrontRow!

iPad Raffle!


Please join some of our team members at Palantir Technologies, who will discuss mmap and the mortgage crisis.


In the aftermath of the 2008 economic crisis, large banks have been saddled with the prospect of foreclosing on millions of distressed mortgages, at a financial cost of billions of dollars and an incalculable social cost.  Crucial to solving this problem is the ability to model and analyze these millions of loans in real time, enabling lenders to price homes so that they can find effective and mutually beneficial alternatives to foreclosure.


In this talk, we'll describe how engineers at Palantir are working on a calculation engine that supports such analyses. We’ll outline our design goals of constructing a platform that supports queries against large sets of data at interactive speeds and exposes a high-level object-oriented interface that enables analysts to construct models intuitively without having to worry about the underlying implementation details. We’ll describe the different architectures we explored in prototyping the system, demo how to use our product to analyze massive datasets, and discuss how we've ultimately deployed it in the field.


About Palantir: Palantir has been building its data integration and analysis platforms (aka Intelligence Infrastructure) for over six years. Our two products, Palantir Government and Palantir Finance represent a whole new category of software that fundamentally change the way data analysis problems are approached. Our platforms seamlessly integrate disparate sources of data into a single coherent data model. In the end-user realm, our analysis tools sit atop the data platforms, delivering unheard of access, ease-of-use, and security to experts — humans who know a lot about a specific real-world problem but little of data systems.


-More about the software we've built: http://www.palantirtech.com/finance/analytics-platform  and http://palantir.com/government/analysis-blog  

-Palantir’s analysis blog: http://www.palantirfinance.com/analysis-blog/


We are hiring!


Please check out the following co-ops on JobMine:


-Software Engineer Co-Op

-Software Engineer: Simulation Co-Op

-Front End Software Engineer Co-Op

-Product Quality Engineer Co-Op

-Forward Deployed Software Engineer, Finance Co-Op

-Server Side Quality Assurance Engineer Co-Op


For fulltime positions check out: http://palantir.com/careers/positions


Also, we will be hosting an Information Session in the Tatham Centre on May 7th from 11:30 – 1:00pm. Some of our team members at Palantir Technologies, will discuss how Palantir is revolutionizing the analysis of hard and important problems that face our world today, show off a demo of Palantir's software, and explain how you can be a part of our mission. Come join us if you are interested in learning about opportunities within our teams, or if you’re just curious about Palantir in general. Food will be provided and an iPad Raffle will be held, if interested, please RSVP at http://hire.uwaterloo.ca/sess_details.php?id=1557.


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