Palantir Technologies Info Session

Monday, January 30th  6pm – 7pm

Tatham Centre 2218

Dinner provided by Pepi’s Pizza

iPad Raffle!


Please join Software Engineers Jonathan Lee (UW BMath 2004) and Ari Gesher as they discuss how Palantir technologies is revolutionizing the analysis of hard and important problems that face our world today, show off a live demo of Palantir's software, and talk about the opportunities we have available around the Globe.


If you haven’t heard of Palantir, we build a platform for integrating, visualizing, and analyzing the world’s information. Our two products, Palantir Government and Palantir Finance, represent a whole new category of software that fundamentally change the way data analysis problems are approached. Our platforms seamlessly integrate disparate sources of data into a single coherent data model. In the end-user realm, our analysis tools sit atop the data platforms, delivering unheard of access, ease-of-use, and security to experts — humans who know a lot about a specific real-world problem but little of data systems. Both platforms are deployed around the world in several areas including the intelligence, defense, and law enforcement communities, and is currently in use at some of the world’s leading hedge funds and financial institutions. 


We’re always looking for motivated, talented people to help us in our mission: making the world a better place — helping our users solve their hardest, most pressing problems. To learn more about Palantir, how we work, what we do, and what it’s like to work with us, check out our article, Work At Palantir ( )on the main Palantir website.


More about Palantir Finance:

See how Palantir is working in the finance sector:


Open Positions! We are looking for co-ops, interns, and full time folks to join our engineering teams:


Software Engineer:

Software Engineer Internship/co-op:

Front End Software Engineer:

Front End Software Engineer Internship/co-op:

Forward Deployed Software Engineer (positions open in London, Palo Alto, and NY):

Hope to see you there!

Katie Buss
Palantir Technologies | Recruiting Programs & Events Analyst | p: 650.815.0266 | m: 909.289.8713