Hi all,

My name is Charis Zheng, and I am a second year AFM student and the president of the United Social Entrepreneurship Conference Hong Kong (USEC). It is a great pleasure writing to you about our international project initiated by students from the University of Waterloo. This conference was launched in 2011 in collaboration with students from University of Toronto, Schulich School of Business as well as the student unions of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Chinese University of Hong Kong.

This conference aims to promote social entrepreneurship and build a global platform among youth in Hong Kong. After 7 months of careful planning, we successfully held this conference on July 23rd 2011 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. At our first annual conference, we invited 12 top industry leaders across Hong Kong as our guest speakers including Mr. David Fong Man Hung, the Managing Director of Hip Shing Hong Group of Companies. We have also attracted a diverse group of delegates coming from universities in the United States, England and Hong Kong to attend the conference.

For the upcoming year and our second annual conference, we hope to attract a group of talented CS students to join our organizing committee and continue our mission to promote social entrepreneurship to like-minded young people. The organizing committee is consisted of the operations, speakers, sponsors, marketing and public relations teams. These teams require excellent communication and time management skills. Applicants are expected to work effectively and responsibly on each team. Previous experience in large-scale project/event planning is definitely a plus for the team.

This experience will provide you with the opportunity to run a business conference at an international scale. Students will also be able to expand their network to student leaders both in University of Waterloo and elite universities in Hong Kong.

Applicants must submit the application form, self statement and a copy of their resume to apply@usec.ca. The deadline is Saturday, October 8th. Successful applicants will be informed of interviews during the following week.

For more information, please visit our website, www.use.ca, or check out our Facebook page at United Social Entrepreneurship Conference. Any questions? Feel free to email me.

We look forward to your applications

Warm regards,

Charis Y. Zheng
United Social Entrepreneurship Conference - Hong Kong
Visit Us @ www.usec.ca