Do you want to earn money using your c++ programming skills? Are you interested in working with a team of skilled like minds to put a project on your resume? Do you want to learn more about Algorithmic trading and finance? Do you want to work on something that can lead to a very prosperous career?

Hi, my name is Daniel Bruce and I am from the Master of Quantitative finance program at the University of Waterloo. My thesis will be based on using machine learning to build programs that will trade stock automatically in order to beat the market.

Interactive brokers is an online platform that allows users to buy stock. In addition, it has a c++ API that allows users to write programs that can place orders and read market data automatically. If we unite as a group of programmers then we can write an independent platform that can be used for trading.

This collaboration could lead to the best jobs out there or possibly even a startup.

Email me if you are interested!