Hi There -

I lead recruiting at Addepar. We are a growing start-up based in Mountain View, Ca and have 3 all-star engineers from Waterloo on our engineering team.

Addepar is fixing the infrastructure and analysis tools in finance. The way data is transmitted in the financial world is fundamentally broken (a lot of important data still only flows through paper statements), which means people can't understand their exposures, are vulnerable to fraud's like Madoff, and often pay huge fees for mediocre results. 

So far, we've had tremendous success, being adopted by some of the largest and most respected wealth managers in the world. We're well funded (>$20mm) by the top investors in Silicon Valley and New York like Peter Thiel, etc. Our team has a history of amazing success -- our founder Joe Lonsdale, founded Palantir. 

We're holding an info session on Thursday, 10/11 at 11:30AM (we'll be serving lunch) and holding on campus interviews the next day.

Woud you be able to send out our flyer to the group on this list? Thanks so much, please let me know if you have any questions.


Robin Gow
Addevangelist | Addepar