Nulogy Information Session

If you want to work for a “me-too” company or one that is complacent with its success, then you might be happier elsewhere. But if you want to challenge yourself by solving really difficult problems at a runaway industry-leading software company, then you may find your place here at Nulogy.

Why Nulogy?

1. You will make an impact on the world.

The hardest problems to solve are the ones which have the most value. Nulogy is already redefining the way the most influential global brands bring their products to market. By joining Nulogy you will make real global impact through a disruptive company that is transforming the way the consumer world works.

2. You will be at your best.

At the most elite companies, the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts. At Nulogy, you will work with people that help you do your best work. Once you work in an environment like this, you won’t be happy with anything else.

3. You will get immersed in a culture of learning.

Nulogy prides itself on being a learning organization. To get to be an award-winning company with some of the world’s largest companies rolling out your software in eight different time-zones… that requires continuous reinvention and learning. You will learn a lot here, and you’ll never be done.

Icing on the cake…

Of course, we’ve also developed a suite of benefits based on a survey of the priorities of our employees. Here are some of the most popular benefits:

Unlimited Vacation

Truly believing in a results-oriented, high-trust environment means you are in charge of your own vacation. Take as much as you want, your results are your results.

Hack Days

We foster our culture of learning and continuous improvement with monthly hack days where everyone can tinker and scratch that itch of curiosity with some free snacks and beer.

Fun Days

Several times a year we all take a day off to do something fun together whether it be a trip to Wonderland, a scavenger hunt around the city, Nulogy games in the office, or volunteering at the food bank. Our annual holiday party is always a blast, and includes your plus one and kids too!

Free Snacks and Drinks

We bring in free drinks, Kicking Horse coffee (we grind it ourselves), organic fruit, and snacks to keep you hydrated and the munchies at bay.

Great Office

Our custom designed, open concept office sports inspiring panoramic views of beautiful Toronto from our perch on the 9th floor. Stretch out with something you’ve picked up at a Queen West supermarket, shop or restaurant downstairs in the lounge with 70” TV, Playstation, and karaoke machine.

This could be the beginning of something special

Nulogy is growing rapidly, and we are looking for smart and motivated people who work amazingly in teams. We’re currently looking for top talent to join our development, product design, and client services teams, and we’re adding new positions every week! To learn more, we hope to see you at our info session on campus at:

Date:  Tuesday, February 4th, 2014            

Event Time: 5:00 – 7:00pm

Location: Davis Centre DC1301 “Fishbowl”

Intended For: All University of Waterloo students who want to immerse themselves in a challenging, dynamic and fun work environment.

You can also check out the positions we have open on our website: