Nominations for the Fall 2014 elections have closed. The candidates are:

- yj7kim
- srcreigh

Vice President:
- srcreigh
- tbelaire

- s7au
- srcreigh
- dchlobow
- scshunt
- jj2baile

- m4farrel
- srcreigh

If you nominated someone and they are not in this list, they probably withdrew
their candicacy. If there is an error in the above, contact be at immediately.

The election will be held at 6:00 PM tomorrow (Friday, September 19) in the MC
Comfy Lounge (MC 3001). The voting system is approval voting; you can vote for
nobody, or as many people as you want to for each position. The person with the
most votes will be elected. You can vote either by showing up to the election,
or by sending an absentee ballot to, where you specify
your vote for each position. You should send your ballot by 5PM Friday at the

Bryan Coutts
Chief Returning Officer