Greetings, fellow members!

The Computer Science Club held elections on Thursday May 14th, and elected a president and a vice president. Welcome, Luqman Aden our glorious president! Welcome, Patrick Melanson our vice president!

We have the remaining two elected positions unfilled, the treasurer and the secretary. Additionally, sysadmin, librarian, and office manager were not appointed. To fill these positions, we will be having by-elections to fill these positions on Friday May 22, at 4pm in the comfy.

Friday May 22, 4pm in the comfy. If you would like to run for treasurer or secretary, feel very free to nominate yourself or someone by writing your name on the board in the CSC office (MC 3036/3037) or send our CRO an email at You may also, if you wish, deposit nominations in the CSC mailbox in MathSoc or present them to our CRO in person. Nominations will close at 4PM on Thursday, May 21st. Come out, and nominate!

Voting will again be heads-down, hands-up and is restricted to MathSoc social members.


Patrick Melanson
Vice President
Computer Science Club
University of Waterloo