Greetings Programs,

The Computer Science Club Executive Council is calling a General Meeting on the 27th of March. Time and location TBD. The GM is being called to discuss amendments to the CSC Constitution that would allow the CSC to adopt a Code of Conduct.

There are many reasons for adopting a code of conduct. We have outlined what we feel to be the most important below.

The exec are responsible for ensuring that the club's spaces and events that we run are places that members enjoy. As part of this, we have to make sure that the club has an inviting, friendly atmosphere for newcomers and members alike. Creating that atmosphere involves asking members to behave in a respectful manner, and sometimes it requires addressing complaints of inappropriate behaviour from members. We hope that the Code of Conduct never has to be explicitly enforced, but if it must we want to have something to direct the offending members to.

Up to this point, the CSC Office has been the only thing covered under anything resembling a code of conduct ( The proposed changes would affect all events and spaces run by the CSC including (but not limited to) our IRC channels (#csc, #csc-codeparty, #csc-syscom), and any event that we organize or co-organize.


The proposed changes to our Constitution can be found here:
* a diff:
* in full:
And the proposed Code of Conduct:
Both the diff and proposed Code of Conduct will be posted in the CSC Office.

As part of the proposed changes our President, glgambet, will be holding office hours from 11:45-12:45 for every week day until the GM, starting on 11th of March 2015. Feel free to bring forward any comments, questions or concerns. Likewise, the Executive Council can be reached at glgambet can be contacted directly at for those who feel uncomfortable bringing things forward in the office, or up to the entire Executive Council.


* General Meeting the 27th, for changing Constitution and adopting a Code of Conduct.
* Constitution diff:
* Proposed Code of Conduct:


Chair being extraordinaire,
Calum T Dalek