Hello everyone!

The exec has organized three events to wrap up the term:

1. Code Party 1 / SE Hack Day #13
[Nov.21 (TOMORROW), 18:00, M3 1006]
Why sleep when you could be hacking on $SIDE_PROJECT, or working on $THE_NEXT_BIG_THING with some cool people?
Come when you want, hack on something cool, demo before you leave.
If you don't have a project, don't worry - we have a list of ideas, and people will be looking for a helping hand on their projects.
NOTE: Due to the high interest, dinner and snacks will only be served to those working on projects/demoing during the event.

2. TALK: C++ ABI (Sean Hunt)
[Nov.25 (Tuesday), 17:30, MC 4041]
Our own sysadmin, Sean Hunt, will be giving a talk on the C++ compiler ABI, and how all of the magic in C++ is implemented at the binary level.

3. TALK: Heroic Android HTTP (Jesse Wilson)
[Nov.27 (Thursday), 18:00, MC 4020]
The network is unreliable. 3G networking is slow. Using WiFi drains your battery. The NSA is spying on you. Different versions of HttpURLConnection have different bugs.
Jesse Wilson, a software developer at Square, will be talking about OkHttp, a library that he maintains, and how to use it to make your app's networking work even when conditions aren't ideal.
He will talk about how to configure caching to improve behavior and save resources, cryptography, and he will give advice on which libraries to use to make good networking easy.
NOTE: You must RSVP via this website if you are attending!
We need to have an accurate count for food. :)

That's all, folks! Thanks for coming out to our events, and hope to see you next term!


Jinny Kim
President, Computer Science Club
University of Waterloo