Hello, CSC membership!

Hope you are all doing well on your midterms so far. If you haven't dropped by our office or checked out the website, here's a reminder for a few upcoming events that we'd like you to come out to.


Take a break from studying and join us for our hackathon this Friday night, October 21st, in the Comfy Lounge (MC 3001) from 7 pm onward. Work on your own projects, open source code, or even your homework, and prepare yourselves for chiptunes galore! Refreshments and caffeinated beverages will be provided. Looking forward to seeing you there!

UNIX 102
"Tools in the Unix Environment"

In this section of our Unix 101 series, we will introduce you to some of the powerful tools that make the Unix environment so enticing to developers and power users alike. Topics covered include: "real" editors, text processing, navigating a multiuser Unix environment, standard tools, and more. If you missed Unix 101 but still know your way around the shell, you'll feel right at home; and even if you missed Unix 101, we'll still have people to bring you up to speed. If you aren't interested in this or feel comfortable with these tasks, watch out for Unix 103 and 104 to get more depth in power programming tools on Unix.

Unix 102 will be held from 4:30 to 6:00 pm on Monday, October 24 in the Digimon Lab (the big mac lab or MC 3003). There is a tutorial scheduled in this lab at 4:30, so if you'd like some help before we start, come to the CSC office a little earlier.

Hope to see you there!


Elana Hashman
Computer Science Club
University of Waterloo