Hello CSC Members!

We've got two CSC events coming up next week that I hope to see you at:

2011-07-20, 4:30 PM, in MC2038:
An Introduction to Steganography. As part of the CSC member talks series, Yomna Nasser will be presenting an introduction to steganography. Steganography is the act of hiding information such that it can only be found by its intended recipient. It has been practiced since ancient Greece, and is still in use today. This talk will include an introduction to the area, history, and some basic techniques for hiding information and detecting hidden data. There will be an overview of some of the mathematics involved, but nothing too rigorous.

2011-07-22, 7PM onwards, MC Comfy Lounge (MC 3001):
Code Party 3. The final Code Party of the term is here! Come hack on some code, solve some puzzles, and have some fun. The event starts in the evening and will run all night. You can show up for any portion of it. You should bring a laptop, and probably have something in mind to work on, though you're welcome with neither. Snacks will be provided. Everyone is welcome. Please note this date is postponed from the originally scheduled date.

Also check out SE Hack Day tomorrow (July 15), held in Velocity Great hall: http://sehackday.com/ (Not a CSC event, but worth checking out!)

Keep an eye out for an announcement about the CSC end of term event, CTRL-D.

Matthew McPherrin
CSC Vice President

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