Upon request, there have been some updates to the election procedure this fall.

Nominations are still open as usual (until Monday at 4:30 PM), and the election time and venue remain unchanged (Tuesday September 17 at 4:30 PM in the MC Comfy Lounge). Please attend if you are able (though absentee ballots will still be accepted until Tuesday at 3:30 PM if not). The only changes are procedural.

1. Eligibility

Only current active Computer Science Club members will be permitted to vote; membership can be renewed before or at the election before voting has taken place.

There is a conflict between informal historical precedent and the constitution about whether CSC members who are not social members of MathSoc may vote. In the event that any such people are present, the assembly will be asked to resolve this before the election.

2. Method of voting

As concerns have been raised about the secrecy and integrity of the vote this election, the usual heads-down-hands-up vote will be replaced by a vote by secret paper ballot. Ballots will be handed out only to eligible members (see 1), and each position will be elected in sequence. The election will still be by approval. I expect that I will count the ballots; if the membership wishes, it may appoint another non-candidate to verify my count.

Sorry for the additional complexity this introduces; thank you for your patience as we assure that all members are confident in the results of this election.

Jeremy Roman
Chief Returning Officer
Computer Science Club of the University of Waterloo