Greetings Programs,

This evening at 6:15 PM (not 6 PM!), in MC 4063, Richard Mann will be giving a talk about open source software for sound measurement and analysis, and providing information about CS 489 - Computational Sound, the topics course he is offering in Winter 2017. The abstract for his talk can be found at

This Friday (November 21) at 6 PM, in MC 4063, CSC member Edmund Noble is giving a talk, titled "Purely Functional Programming with Freely-Generated Domain Specific Languages". The talk will focus on embedded DSLs, which exist within other languages. The abstract for his talk can be found at

In addition, next week we will be hosting ALT+TAB. If you're familiar with the Pure Math Club's recurring SASMS event, this is the CSC's version of that. Several members of the club will take turns giving brief (~20 minute) CS talks. We're tentatively planning to host ALT+TAB next Wednesday (Nov. 30), so start thinking about topics if you want to give a talk! More details will come later this week.

Calum T. Dalek
Chairbeing Extraordinaire