Hello programs,

Join us on Monday, July 25th at 6pm in the MC Comfy Lounge for an exciting prof talk by Richard Mann on Open Source Computer Sound Measurement. The abstract for the talk is below. We will follow this up by an EOT event with dinner and board games! Last event of the term, get hype.


> An ideal computer audio system should faithfully reproduce signals of
> all frequencies in the audible range (20 to 20,000 cycles per second).
> Real systems, particularly mobile devices and laptops, may still
> produce acceptable quality, but often have a limited response,
> particularly at the low (bass) frequencies.
> Sound/acousic energy refers to time varying pressure waves in air.
> When recording sound, the acoustic signal will be picked up by
> microphone, which converts it to electrical signals (voltages).  The
> signal is then digitized (analog to digital conversion) and stored as
> a stream of numbers in a data file.  On playback the digital signal is
> converted to an electrical signal (digital to analog conversion) and
> finally returned as an acoustic signal by a speaker and/or headphones.
> In this talk I will present open source software (Octave/Linux) to
> measure the end-to-end frequency response of an audio system using the
> Discrete Fourier Transform.  I will demonstrate the software using a
> standard USB audio interface and a consumer grade omnidirectional
> microphone.
> This is joint work with John Vanderkooy, Distinguished Professor
> Emeritus, Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Hope to see you there!

Melissa Tedesco
Vice President
Computer Science Club