Greetings programs,

Remember that we have our first talk of the term today at 6PM, in MC 4021! Elana Hashman will be talking about using functional programming languages (such as Racket) for real-world projects, and how some elements of the OOP paradigm translate to the functional programming paradigm. Her abstract is at the bottom of this email.

In addition, next Thursday October 13, the CSC and WiCS (Women in Computer Science) are co-hosting a social event: CSC/WiCS Go Outside. At 6PM, we will be going to the Columbia Lake 2 firepit, to enjoy some food around a campfire.

Member Talk Abstract:

I transitioned from writing software in imperative, object-oriented (OO) programming languages to doing functional programming (FP) full-time, and you can do it, too! In this talk, I'll make a case for using FP for real-world development, cover some cases where common FP language features substitute for design patterns and OOP structure, and provide some examples of translating traditional OO design patterns into functional code.

Calum T. Dalek
Chairbeing Extraordinaire