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1. Office Training - September 23rd
2. New Mailing List: csc-industry


Fall 2011 office training is scheduled for this Friday, September 23 at 4:30 pm in the CSC office (MC 3036/3037). If you are interested in helping out around the office or getting more involved with the club, we encourage you to come out and become a member of our office staff! The more staff we have, the longer we can keep the office open.

We will also be determining keyed office staff after the training. Hope to see you there!


This is a new mailing list established for industry opportunities and events. The CSC is often approached by industry representatives who offer information on current events and employment opportunities, and past practice has been to refer them to the uw.csc newsgroup for posting. We feel that this isn't sufficient for our interested members, and have created a new mailing list, csc-industry. It is a moderated, opt-in mailing list for the purpose of informing members of industry opportunities, including:

- job opportunities
- industry events (including information and recruiting sessions)
- employer-sponsored workshops

For information on csc-industry, including posting guidelines, see


To subscribe to csc-industry, visit


For more information on our updated procedures regarding how we will circulate information on industry opportunities, see


If you are interested, please subscribe as we will be directing industry representatives to begin posting to the list within the next week. If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to exec@csclub.uwaterloo.ca and the executive would be happy to address them.

Elana Hashman
Computer Science Club
University of Waterloo