Hey everyone,

ISG (Instructional Support Group) would like to let you know that they are currently looking for full time tutor for CS 240 next term. The job description is below. To apply for this position, please send your resume to Fenglian Qiu (f2qiu@uwaterloo.ca).

Job Description
The Instructional Support Group requires a tutor to assist in the delivery
of  CS240.

A tutor serves as a consultant for the students of the course through
consulting hours and as a manager to co-ordinate the activities of the
graduate teaching assistants assigned to the course.

This position may be of particular interest to students who are considering
graduate school and ultimately teaching at the post-secondary level. There
may be an opportunity to gain teaching experience by giving tutorials. The
tutor may also develop tutorials for the students. Other duties may include
creation of model solutions and marking schemes, creation of scripts needed
for assignment submission, testing and auto-marking, and assisting in
proctoring and marking.

Good communication and interpersonal skills are required, as is familiarity
with UNIX. Students currently enrolled in the courses are encouraged to