Code Party 0 is coming up! Important: We have moved to EV3 1408.

If you are interested in the Code Retreat, read this Google doc for how things are going to go down.

If you are not interested in code retreat, it's still totally fine if you bring your own project. Come out, free food awaits!
Here's the Facebook event page. Don't remember to RSVP as soon as possible!!

mtrberzi's SAT/SMT talk is scheduled for 6pm on March 3rd, a Tuesday, in MC 2038. The SAT and SMT theories combined allow you to programmatically determine whether a computer program is satisfiable or not. Will there be free food? Good question. Yes.

Are you interested? Understandable.
Read more at the Facebook event page.

Mozilla's Kannan Vijayan's JS JIT talk will happen across two days, March 9 and March 10 (a Monday and a Tuesday), both at 6pm in MC 4040. Two days is necessary to do the topic justice: A history of the development of efficient and tightly optimized JIT compilers.

How can one infer the type of a variable at run-time? To find out, come out.
Here's the day 1 Facebook event and the day 2 Facebook event.

That's it for now. See you at a subset of these events!
~Your CSC Exec