Hey members,

We got some events coming up, have some information so you can attend them and have fun and stuff.

Code Party 0 is happening on Thursday, June 2nd @ 6:30pm in STC 0010. Come out, code with us, eat some food, do some things.

scp (small contemplation period) talks are happening on Wednesday June 8th. You can sign up to get a short (15-20 minutes) talk on all kinds of cool CS stuff! Sign up form is here.

Hope to see you all come out! :)

(We would also like to invite members of the CSC community to join the Fort McMurray Solidarity Vigil on Tuesday May 31st. Details are available here.)

Melissa Tedesco
Vice President
Computer Science Club

P.S. If you have a prof you'd love to hear a talk from, please email me and I'll contact them and try to make it happen!