Greetings Programs,

For our new members, welcome to the Computer Science Club! We will be hosting our first event this Thursday (Oct. 6) at 6PM, in MC 4021. UW alumna and CSC member Elana Hashman will be giving a talk on using functional programming languages (like Racket!) in industry, and how some concepts from the more common object-oriented paradigm are translated to the functional paradigm. Below is the abstract:

I transitioned from writing software in imperative, object-oriented (OO) programming languages to doing functional programming (FP) full-time, and you can do it, too! In this talk, I'll make a case for using FP for real-world development, cover some cases where common FP language features substitute for design patterns and OOP structure, and provide some examples of translating traditional OO design patterns into functional code.

In addition, our Office Manager, James Sinn, will be holding an office training session this Wednesday (Oct. 5) at 5PM in the CSC office. Those who are interested in becoming office staff should come to be trained.

Bryan Coutts
CSC Vice President