Hello members of the CS Club!

First of all, thank you to all who came out and voted, by email or in person, to our elections last night. There were many timbits had.

Without further ado,

Election Results:
(laden) Luqman Aden is your new President,
(matedesc) Melissa Angelica Tedesco is your new Vice-president,
(jj2baile) Jonathan Jeral Bailey is your new Treasurer,
(askothar) Aditya Shivam Kothari is your new Secretary,
(jxpryde) Jordan Xavier Pryde is your new Systems Administrator,
(ztseguin) Zachary Seguin is your new Office Manager,
(s455wang) Charlie Wang is your new Librarian, and
(mnmailho) Marc Mailhot is your new Fridge Regent.

So that's what happened this week. If you want to know what happens next week, keep reading for like just a few more lines.

CSC goes to board games night
(or, CSC uses 'militia' on Mathsoc)

Board games are fun. The CSC would like to have a board games night, but MathSoc already does it so well. Clearly the only solution is an invasion. Come join us on Thursday, May 19th, about 7pm in taking over MathSoc board games night. We will form a CSC cluster and have fun.

See you there!

Patrick Melanson
Computer Science Club
University of Waterloo